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The jet.engine is an HP based print engine for OEMs and system integrators that provides the most flexibility and greatest power of any print engine on the market. The units include three cartridges/pen slots for a total print width of 1.5". Electronic stitching may reduce the overall print width slightly while ensuring seamless print images across multiple pens/cartridges.

The jet.engine is available in two models:

MC models include a built-in capping station. The operator lifts the spring loaded print head and slides the attached capping tray under the cartridges/pens when the unit is not in use.

AC models automate the capping procedure using motors to move the print head and the capping station. The system adds cleaning and purging. Operation can be integrated into the host system.

An optional 4th cartridge/pen that can be added to either MC or AC jet.engine print heads. The 4th pen is an inexpensive way to expand the jet.engine print width while increasing flexibility.

The Afterburner module can be placed next to the existing three pens/cartridges for a stitched 2" printer. The module can also be placed behind any of the existing three pens for second colors or double striking. The Afterburner can also be placed separately from the existing three pens for a 1/2" of print within 18" of the jet.engine.
satellite system
The most flexible arrangement of jet.engine technology is where the print engine electronics reside in a stainless steel box (controller) and 1 to 4 pens/cartridges can be driven in any configuration, as desired. For example, 4 cartridges can be made into two 1" printers or four 1/2" printers.
Customers mount multiple jet.engines into a wider format printer using electronic stitching to form seamless images. Customer's configurations can match specific application needs.
design - layout software
The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is a Windows XP based software program that drives all inc.jet products. The program is available free to OEMs. The program includes layout-design tools, database management, and a variety of operation methods to meet the needs of most applications.
pdf rip
This feature is optional software for use with Postscript fonts and PDF files, including a variable data interface.
control tower

New! From inc.jet…An OEM Print Controller…


Fully Integrated into the jet.engine GUI…

An Easy to Use Graphical Configuration Tool…

Drop and Drag System Components – Design Your System with Your Hardware!

  1. Read-Track-Verify
  2. Jam Detection
  3. Divert non-verified pieces
  4. On-line Help
  5. Logging and Reporting
  6. Out of Synch Conditions
  7. Configuration Verification
  8. Application/Installation Support

Applications: Verify Bar Codes, Duplex Printing, Read and Print, Inside/Outside Printing of Folded Pieces, Closed Face Envelope Addressing, Verify Critical Text, Personalized Inserts, Print and Verify!

control.tower Modules:


  1. Tracks each product through the entire system
  2. Unlimited Number of Transports
  3. Unlimited Transport Length – Individual or System
  4. Jam Detection
  5. Product Removal Detection
  6. Precise Diverting
  7. Logging and Reporting


  1. Supports look-up, index or embedded data applications
  2. Integrated bar code scanner support
    (Microscan, Keyence, Accu-Sort, for example)
  3. Accepts Serial Output from any Camera System
  4. Works with All Symbologies the Read Device Supports
    (OMR, OCR, Linear Bar Codes, 2D Bar Codes, etc.)

Verify :

  1. Ensures 100% Product Integrity
    -Know ink is on the paper
    -Confirm the correct record printed
    -“See” what printed
  2. Works with All Symbologies the Read Device Supports
  3. Supports Unlimited Fields
  4. Optional Support for Multiple Verification Devices
    (For example, Multiple Lanes/Columns of Independent Data on a Page)

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